Daboom Almighty Clan Application


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Sep 23, 2009

Character Details:

Main Char Name: Daboom Almighty
2H Melee Skill: 50 axe (goin for polearm screw axe)
1H Melee Skill: 50 sword
Archery Skill: 100 archery, 100 sharpshooter, 100 veteran archer, 95 spirited archer
LM Skill: 100
GM Skill: 75
Elemental 1 Skill: 100 necromancy
Elemental 2 Skill: 35 air magic (gonna powerlevel it)
Spellchanting Skill: 57.30 (goin for 75 soon)

Who you know or have played with in KoC / Blood (that can vouch for you): Dread Kyra? lol

Previous games played with us: N/A

Age: 19

EU or NA: EU

VENTMIX (see sticky post w/ DL link) & Mic (Yes or No): Yes

Do you have the game: Obviously yes

Anything else you want us to know or reasons you would like to join Blood?
- PK PK PK get rich blow cash then PK some more!

Notes: 19, Seattle WA, United States Army Reserves.


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May 21, 2009
Not sure if this application has already been looked at or not but, DaBoom Almighty is a guy in SCCC(GY) that I've run in to many times, seems like a pretty cool guy, and decent pvp'er, and always a good sport. I can't completely vouch for him because I don't really know him aside from the few late night conversations we've had after I've raided GY's towns and hunting spots. That said, he gets the 'thumbs up' from me.