Application : Gornash Fire


New Member
Sep 2, 2008

Character Details:

Main Char Name: Gornash Fire
2H Melee Skill: 66
1H Melee Skill: 78
Archery Skill: 90
LM Skill: 100
GM Skill: 55
Elemental 1 Skill: Fire 75
Elemental 2 Skill: WC 78
Spellchanting Skill: 32
(Please note the minimum requirements are 50+ in one Elem and 30+ Spellchanting)

Who you know or have played with in KoC / Blood (that can vouch for you): Chupa could... but would he?

Previous games played with us: Asheron's Call baby!

Age: 30 in a month

EU or NA: EU

VENTMIX (see sticky post w/ DL link) & Mic (Yes or No): Yes

Do you have the game: Indeed!

Anything else you want us to know or reasons you would like to join Blood? I'm a Blood to the bones!

Notes: I was in Blood at the release. Left the game cause i got a baby girl and became inactive. When i came back (2 months ago) game had changed... I rerolled to learn how to play again and joined a cool but tiny alliance. Had lots of fun. Now i'm coming back home.