A few questions.


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Nov 23, 2009
Hello all,

Myself and a friend will be re-subbing to Darkfall in the next few days on the EU server. We played for about 2 months after release, then quit due to the large amount of problems Darkfall had at the time - we thought we'd try it again. :)

I have a few questions regarding Blood on the EU server. How active are you? I read that some of you moved to NA so i thought i'd have to ask before i put in an application.

Also, are you currently taking on new recruits?

We had alot of respect for SUN/Blood back when we were playing, although we didn't have alot of contact we fought you a few times and were very impressed with the guild as a whole.

Thanks for any information :)



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Jul 28, 2009
To sum it up... more then half of blood went to NA-1 server... and the remaining bloods on EU-1 server have switched to the SUN guild. If your wanting to join the remaining ex-bloods, you will have to apply on the SUN website.