Keepers of Chaos

Griefing & banned since 1996…

KoC vs M (Ultima Online Chesapeake)

History of KOC

Keepers of Chaos (KOC) have been involved in various games, starting with Ultima Online on the Chesapeake shard both as KoC and Banana Boys.

They later moved in 2000 to Asheron’s Call Darktide server and established the Blood Monarchy powerhouse…



KoC Banned from MMOs

Keepers of Chaos (KOC)’s gaming history can easily be followed through our banning record. 

For some reason our playstyle has often been “misjudged” by the companies running these games, in most cases due to endless whines from the people we PKed…



Ultima Online "account blocked"
KoC vs Z
KoC vs Z (Ultima Online Chesapeake)
RAK -=KoC=-

PvP Blog

Compiled some old screen shots from Ultima Online and Asheron’s Call Darktide


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