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Tuesday, September 28 2004

So far so good

Well it's been a few days we've been on Laughing Skull now and its time for an update.

Everyone is leveling pretty nicely, we currently have the highest level char of the server (with 2 alliances 1 level behind when they used to be 22 levels in advance when we started here).

The PvP is fun, I've killed some, I've been killed some. Lots of encounters & /who 25-40 stats which makes me believe we really chose the best server to play as horde since the Alliance opposition is quite strong and it should be really interesting.

I did a short come back on Archi to do server stats on both faction sides with my 2 accounts, and while there are a lot of hordes, the alliance population is really behind in terms of numbers which IMO will make this server rather pointless in the long range due to imbalance.

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