Thursday, June 22 2006

Darkfall, Warhammer Online & Online Poker

Well it has now been over 6 months since the Darkfall beta was meant to be opened and still nothing. Not like its a surprise but it confirms that Darkfall is just another Shadowbane. Six years of Dev and the game will either never come out or will come out with a very old tech and prolly a ton of bugs in the process...

Currently not many KoCs play MMORPGs, as quite frankly nothing worth playing came out. A few are toying with EQ2, a couple are still passing time on WoW... Several seem to be playing online poker & do quite well.

Regarding online poker, there's currently a great deal at Party Poker where you can get 75$ for Free without having to make any deposit or showing your CC. Its a bit like those MMORPG trials where they give you 10 days to try their game except here they give you 75$ in hope you'll become a loyal player of party poker.

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So what can KoC end up playing with no PvP mmorpgs being out? Maybe Warhammer Online! It is meant to come out in 2007. It should be a WoW+DAOC merger clone but aimed at PvP content rather than PvE content.

Saturday, October 22 2005

MMORPG, Darkfall Online

It's been a while since anything worth playing came out...

After UO got nerfed by the UO:R patch we at least had the opportunity of playing on Asheron's Call Darktide. But with AC getting nerfed by the devs and becoming a waste of time the past 2 years, we haven't had anything great to play.

Every new game that came out since 2000+ has been o.O focused. Shadowbane was somewhat of an exception but it was awefully buggy...

World of Warcraft was fun but the game gets boring real fast due to: - Death having no consequence - Not being able to attack who you want when you want (lack of a FFA server) - Lack of PvP in the outside, due to PvP being artificially centralized in FPS-like instances...

So what are we left with? It seems the only alternative we're left with is Darkfall Online.

The question however is: Will it ever come out? and if it does, will it do better than the last PvP game fiasco known as Shadowbane?

I seriously hope so... but I guess we'll know soon enough since Beta is meant to start in the upcoming weeks...

You can expect to see several KoCs IG if it actually comes out.

Tuesday, March 15 2005 for sell...

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Monday, October 25 2004

Banana Boyz Website Opening

Banana Boyz (BBz) are on their way back in the realm of online gaming.

Stay tuned as more info will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

For now you can bookmark BBz website which is still under construction: