Keeping Banana Boyz small

After reaching 100+ members a couple days after the guild was created, it was decided to cut the numbers down.

Anyone below 20 who was not previously voted in was booted. This sets a simple rule for new candidates to joining us: to apply to the guild you have to be 20+. Chances are this recruiting restriction will get higher as time passes.

Why not using the recruiting policy we used when we built Blood?

Well the answer is simple: because we can.

We had set Blood's recruiting policy based on two observations:

1/ AC had monarchies not guilds, and everyone could recruit making recruiting control close to impossible past a certain number of followers. In WoW, we have real control regarding who gets in/not since only officers can add people.

2/ In AC we were the underdog when we started and we noticed that no matter how much we'd win our fights, if the enemy kept coming back with more people we'd end up loosing the fight in the long range. So we came up with a simple tactic: let your enemy swear to you, its one less opponent outnumbering you and one more guildmate helping you on the ground, making it an instant +2 bonus or should I say +3 since you'd also get his XP from the xp chain system... In WoW the situation is completly different. Only members of your faction can join you, so whether they are in your guild or not is irrelevant, they'll be on your side eitherway, plus you get no xp rewards from people sworn in... So that makes it much better to have a tight group of people you can count on than a huge mass of people.

As for the Zerg issue, I'm confident our recruiting policy will still provide us with enough numbers to be able to counter most of these events.

We could have stayed on Archimonde where Hordes were outnumbering the Alliance by 2 to 1. We instead chose a more competitive server for Hordes (Laughing Skull) where alliance has a stronger base than hordes. As time passes we welcome this choice more and more as it provides us with fun fights.

PvP urgently needs a fix though. There needs to be a reward on kills and a corresponding penalty on death. Along with that the respawn location of players needs to be changed when they die from pvp death. IE: they should respawn alive at their Inn tie, that would prevent people from coming back to the battle ground over and over within seconds. If Blizzard doesn't do that, the game will become pointless as it will be impossible to give a meaning to PvP nor to control specific zones.

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