Banana Boyz staying on Laughing Skull

Well its now decided, Banana Boyz will be staying on the Laughing Skull Central PvP server where the action is.

There are several reasons to that.

First with Archimonde being down for two days, we already outleveled our level 20s from Archimonde (I'm 26 on Skull, was almost 22 on Archi).

But the main reason is Laughing Skull offers more competition. Several of the main pvp guilds are playing on this server.

Archimonde was already too weak in Alliance population and too strong in Horde but with most alliance guilds leaving for our Laughing Skull server or some east server, the Archimonde server simply won't be balanced enough.

Laughing Skull has a strong alliance presence, stronger than on the Horde side actually so it will be challenging for us.

There were 43 level 20 to 26 Alliance online this morning vs 33 hordes this morning (and I was the only 26 horde while there were 3 on the alliance side).

Main guild names I saw on Laughing skull on alliance side were The Regulators, Shadow Alliance, The Core, ... and on the horde side: BBz, The Mercs, UDL, DDH, Combine, ... Only a couple horde guilds seem to be considering coming back to Archimonde which really wouldn't help since Archimonde is in desparate need of alliance people. BBz, Mercs, DDH have already confirmed they will stay on skull and most 20+ alliances I polled with my other account told me they were staying aswell.

It should offer us some nice fights. The total population is more and more often in high and I just hope we won't end up having queues like all the other servers due to the raise in popularity of the server. With wow having sold out and made 200 000 accounts in a couple days, its likely that the population playing wow should be multiplied by 2 or 3 by the end of December so population should be pretty tight on all servers as day pass.

On a side note we have registered "Banana Boyz" on Laughing Skull and just registered "The Banana Boyz" on Archimonde as a backup. That should mean these names are permanently reserved on the whole Central PvP zone.

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