So far so good

Well it's been a few days we've been on Laughing Skull now and its time for an update.

Everyone is leveling pretty nicely, we currently have the highest level char of the server (with 2 alliances 1 level behind when they used to be 22 levels in advance when we started here).

The PvP is fun, I've killed some, I've been killed some. Lots of encounters & /who 25-40 stats which makes me believe we really chose the best server to play as horde since the Alliance opposition is quite strong and it should be really interesting.

I did a short come back on Archi to do server stats on both faction sides with my 2 accounts, and while there are a lot of hordes, the alliance population is really behind in terms of numbers which IMO will make this server rather pointless in the long range due to imbalance.

On a side note I was sent an URL to a news page from those wannabes known as Sanguinans. The news post is made by Doomgaze who was kicked from KoC several months ago, KoC which he had tried joining 4 times, got denied 3 times and had only been let in on his 4rth attempt due to people being bored of having to vote no for him months after months lol. He's claiming all sorts of things and now tries to bash the people he was begging to let him in the guild.

To set the record straight and point out his stupidity, we have "Banana Boyz" guild tag on Laughing Skull & "The Banana Boyz" guild tag on Archimonde (as a backup). So, as I previously said regarding all the newbies trying to jack our guild name from us, all you managed to do was wasting your time and money for absolutly no gain.

I wish the best to Doomgaze err sorry "DoUmgaze" and hope he will finally recover from all this begging and crying he showed us the past days trying to get us to trade him his nickname back:

07:46 Session Ident: Doomgaze ( 07:46 Doomgaze yer cool 07:47 Rak thx 07:48 Doomgaze archimonde right? 07:48 Rak yes 07:48 Rak unless it blows up 07:48 Doomgaze judging by the lack of mine and addictions names 07:48 Rak awe 07:48 Doomgaze I'm assuming you your someone you know is responsible 07:48 Rak damn evil people 07:48 Rak i wonder who would do that 07:48 Doomgaze well I got Brugs 07:48 Doomgaze and Brugsman 07:49 Doomgaze so ;/ 07:49 * Rak|KoC cares

08:24 Session Ident: Doomgaze ( 08:24 Doomgaze Dk, Niller, Pyros, Brugs, Brugsman, Ezekiel, Reg, and many others are under my control for multiple servers, so when you're ready to trade let me know, i'll be ig leveling till then

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