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Monday, October 25 2004

Banana Boyz Website Opening

Banana Boyz (BBz) are on their way back in the realm of online gaming.

Stay tuned as more info will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

For now you can bookmark BBz website which is still under construction:

Tuesday, September 28 2004

So far so good

Well it's been a few days we've been on Laughing Skull now and its time for an update.

Everyone is leveling pretty nicely, we currently have the highest level char of the server (with 2 alliances 1 level behind when they used to be 22 levels in advance when we started here).

The PvP is fun, I've killed some, I've been killed some. Lots of encounters & /who 25-40 stats which makes me believe we really chose the best server to play as horde since the Alliance opposition is quite strong and it should be really interesting.

I did a short come back on Archi to do server stats on both faction sides with my 2 accounts, and while there are a lot of hordes, the alliance population is really behind in terms of numbers which IMO will make this server rather pointless in the long range due to imbalance.

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