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Monday, February 23 2009

Blood & SUN Darkfall Beta Videos

Darkfall Video Blood is back with Darkfall... and we are allied to our old friends from SUN.

Enjoy our videos from Beta to see basic PvP & PK chasing random runners.

Links to the videos can be found on the guild's site : Blood.

The real deal is starting on the 25th of February.

Be ready and check our Blood Darkfall Forums too.

Tuesday, January 13 2009

KoC & Friends getting ready for Darkfall

Darkfall OnlineAs previously said, the game is probably coming out 5 years too late for many of us due to RL not giving us as much time as we used to have for gaming... but KoC will definatly give Darkfall Online a go!

Several KoCs are coming back. We will most likely play Darkfall Online with friends from past games (mostly UO & AC) while trying to keep it small as Darkfall is not built like AC was.

Be sure to check our Darkfall Forums for more news.

Saturday, October 22 2005

MMORPG, Darkfall Online

It's been a while since anything worth playing came out...

After UO got nerfed by the UO:R patch we at least had the opportunity of playing on Asheron's Call Darktide. But with AC getting nerfed by the devs and becoming a waste of time the past 2 years, we haven't had anything great to play.

Every new game that came out since 2000+ has been o.O focused. Shadowbane was somewhat of an exception but it was awefully buggy...

World of Warcraft was fun but the game gets boring real fast due to: - Death having no consequence - Not being able to attack who you want when you want (lack of a FFA server) - Lack of PvP in the outside, due to PvP being artificially centralized in FPS-like instances...

So what are we left with? It seems the only alternative we're left with is Darkfall Online.

The question however is: Will it ever come out? and if it does, will it do better than the last PvP game fiasco known as Shadowbane?

I seriously hope so... but I guess we'll know soon enough since Beta is meant to start in the upcoming weeks...

You can expect to see several KoCs IG if it actually comes out.