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Tuesday, March 15 2005

Keepersofchaos.com for sell...

So whats new.. Well.. For starters, everyones currently playing, I mean cheating in World Of Warcraft. I tried out the Matrix online.. Not 1/2 bad.. we'll see though.. Oh and Keepersofchaos.com is for sale if anyone wants it for the cool price of $2900.00 haha

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Tuesday, December 7 2004

Number 1 on World of Warcraft Rankings

Character Ranking out of all 88 servers

Character Ranking on the Laughing Skull Server

Rak Number 1 All Servers

- 1st Shaman level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 2nd Horde level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 3rd level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 1st level 60 of all the second wave of servers opening a couple days after retail.
- 1st level 60 of the Laughing Skull server with a 10 levels advance.

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Sunday, December 5 2004

Keeping Banana Boyz small

After reaching 100+ members a couple days after the guild was created, it was decided to cut the numbers down.

Anyone below 20 who was not previously voted in was booted. This sets a simple rule for new candidates to joining us: to apply to the guild you have to be 20+. Chances are this recruiting restriction will get higher as time passes.

Why not using the recruiting policy we used when we built Blood?

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Thursday, November 25 2004

Archimonde server down

Blizzard has just added 34 new servers tonight and taken down Archimonde and 3 other servers for 24 to 48 hours.

Not knowing in which shape Archimonde will be when it comes back, we have decided to reroll on the Laughing Skull Central PvP server which came up a few hours ago. Several other important guilds also made that choice. The server population is Mid so its all good.

Theres 90% chances we'll be back on Archimonde but we're preparing the possibility that we may not be able to (ie: more than 2 days down time and still huge problems to get ig).

Monday, October 25 2004

Banana Boyz Website Opening

Banana Boyz (BBz) are on their way back in the realm of online gaming.

Stay tuned as more info will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

For now you can bookmark BBz website which is still under construction:


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