Darkfall, Warhammer Online & Online Poker

Well it has now been over 6 months since the Darkfall beta was meant to be opened and still nothing. Not like its a surprise but it confirms that Darkfall is just another Shadowbane. Six years of Dev and the game will either never come out or will come out with a very old tech and prolly a ton of bugs in the process...

Currently not many KoCs play MMORPGs, as quite frankly nothing worth playing came out. A few are toying with EQ2, a couple are still passing time on WoW... Several seem to be playing online poker & do quite well.

Regarding online poker, there's currently a great deal at Party Poker where you can get 75$ for Free without having to make any deposit or showing your CC. Its a bit like those MMORPG trials where they give you 10 days to try their game except here they give you 75$ in hope you'll become a loyal player of party poker.

To register: http://www.partystakers.com/?bonus=...

So what can KoC end up playing with no PvP mmorpgs being out? Maybe Warhammer Online! It is meant to come out in 2007. It should be a WoW+DAOC merger clone but aimed at PvP content rather than PvE content.


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